Game Changer Session #4 - The Circle of Life: The Circular Economy for Climate and Biodiversity

How can we leverage circularity to address climate change and biodiversity loss? By building on WCEF+Climate, this session will be another important stepping-stone to discussions on how the circular economy can help mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity.

A circular economy must operate within planetary boundaries. Improvements in circularity offer opportunities to mitigate both climate change and biodiversity loss. This session will build on the important work of WCEF+Climate by exploring how circularity can help address both crises, with a focus on biodiversity loss in particular. The session marks an important stepping-stone towards the integration of circular economy approaches into international climate and biodiversity agendas. It is geared towards audiences from climate, biodiversity and circular economy fields who seek greater understanding of how the circular economy can support the achievement of climate and biodiversity targets.

Organizers: The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and Environment and Climate Change Canada, in collaboration with African Circular Economy Alliance, Circular Economy Leadership Canada, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, European Commission, Government of Finland, United Nations Environment Programme and World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

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Circular Economy and the Economics of Biodiversity

  • Partha Dasgupta

    Prof. Partha Dasgupta

    Frank Ramsey Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Cambridge

  • Elina Ravantti

    Elina Ravantti

    Director of Communications and Public Affairs, THE FINNISH INNOVATION FUND SITRA

Panel Discussion: Circular Businesses for Climate and Biodiversity

  • Petri Alava

    Petri Alava

    CEO and Co-founder, Infinited Fiber Company

  • Tim Forslund

    Tim Forslund

    Circular Economy Specialist, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

  • Kathleen McLaughlin

    Kathleen McLaughlin

    Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Walmart Inc and President of the Walmart Foundation.

  • Olivia Markham

    Olivia Markham

    Managing Director, BlackRock

Panel Discussion: Circular Economy as a Tool in Policy Making

Wrap-Up Reflections

  • Mari Pantsar

    Director, Sustainability solutions, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Masters of Ceremonies: