WCEF2021 will offer three days packed with information, ideas and examples of the circular economy. On September 13 and September 14, join us for Game Changer Sessions and short Demonstration Sessions.

  • Game Changer Sessions will explore crosscutting themes to answer a common question: “What transformational steps can we take in the next five years to catalyze the systemic changes required to scale up a global circular economy that is prosperous, inclusive and equitable?”
  • Demonstration Sessions will bring the themes of the Game Changer Sessions to life through concrete and inspiring examples of the circular economy “in action”. Demonstration Sessions will showcase proven, replicable, and scalable solutions and new business and policy innovations.

On September 15, partner organizations will lead Accelerator Sessions, outcome-oriented events that will bridge WCEF2021 with the daily work needed for a circular transition.

See the full programme details by clicking on the links below.

You can also download the Sept.13-14 Programme Overview.

On YouTube

Day 1, Sept 13, 9am :
Day 2, Sept 14, 9am :

Links to all Day 3 recordings on 15 September can be found on the Accelerator Session pages.

Sept 13 See Monday programme

Join our opening session! Then jump into Day 1 of our Game Changer and Demonstration Sessions, including a focus on Plastics and Circularity at Home.

Sept 14 See Tuesday programme

Our Game Changer and Demonstration Sessions continue on Day 2 with a look at Climate + Biodiversity and Communicating Circularity, among others. And don’t miss the closing session!