WCEF Studios

New this year, WCEF Studios are local events that support the main Forum from anywhere in the world.

This year, we have added a new element: WCEF Studios. These are local events that support the main Forum from anywhere in the world. WCEF Studios deliver all or part of the main Forum programme while incorporating additional elements to select local audiences. Studio hosts are responsible for all practicalities and expenses related to organising the event.

We encourage the hosting of WCEF Studios, as co-ordinated and approved by Sitra.

If you are interested in organizing a WCEF Studio, please contact Sitra at contactus.wcef@sitra.fi.

All this year’s WCEF Studios are listed below.

Monday Sept. 13 to Wednesday Sept. 15

Leading Change Canada’s WCEF2021 Viewing Party

In addition to delivering the WCEF2021 program on 13-14 September, Leading Change Canada’s WCEF Studio will offer networking opportunities to create connections between young Canadians who are passionate about bringing circular economy initiatives to life across Canada. This event brings together 50-100 young people who are already working to create change in their communities across the country. Leading Change for Young Professionals will engage participants through circular economy-focused networking events and encourage activation on post-event initiatives related to the key learnings and discussions that will take place prior to and during the event.

Organiser: Leading Change Canada

Monday Sept. 13 and Tuesday Sept. 14

WCEF2021 Nordic Studio

Hosted by Nordic Innovation and Nordic Circular Hotspot, the Nordic Studio connects the WCEF2021 main programme with Nordic topics on the circular transition. The studio will be live in Oslo, Norway, gathering Nordic organisations and companies to discuss actions going forward. Curated talks will be led by Cathrine Barth from Nordic Circular Hotspot.

Organisers: Nordic Innovation and Nordic Circular Hotspot
Time: 9:00-17:00 EDT (15:00-23:00 UTC+2)