Demonstration Session #3 - Communicating Circularity: Getting the Message Right

Communicating Circularity will equip the audience with the tools to champion circularity in their communities, workplaces and in society.

Communicating Circularity will draw on proven strategies for communicating the necessity and benefits of circularity within and across sectors, businesses and to the broader public. This session is geared towards those looking to build their skills as circularity champions!

Organizers: Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, in collaboration with Circular Economy Leadership Canada and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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Scene Setting

  • Alice Irene Whittaker

    Alice Irene Whittaker

    Writer and Environmental Communications Leader, Smart Prosperity Institute and The Natural Step Canada

“Ask An Expert” Interviews

Interview #1: Lessons from a Decade of Communicating Circularity

  • Ross Findon

    Ross Findon

    Media and Messaging Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Interview #2: Communicating Circularity to Different Types of People

Interview #3: Communicating Circularity to Customers

Interview #4: Communicating Circularity to New Audiences Using New Media

Summary and Wrap-Up

Master of Ceremonies:

  • Kathryn Gretsinger

    Kathryn Gretsinger

    Journalist & Associate Professor, UBC School of Journalism, Writing & Media