Demonstration Session #2 - Circularity at Home: How You Can be the Game Changer

This session will explore what a circular life means, what it looks like in different parts of the world, and how it can increase human wellbeing. It will showcase concrete examples of circular economy at home and community-led initiatives worldwide.

Circularity at Home will zero-in on the necessary demand-side changes by showcasing concrete examples of circular lifestyle actions and motivations of “real people”, as well as community-led initiatives such as community repair cafes. The session will feature a range of pathways to adopt circular lifestyles and become part of the solution. All WCEF2021 attendees will find the focus on lifestyles and communities useful and engaging.

Organizers: The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and Environment and Climate Change Canada, in collaboration with Circular Economy Coalition for Latin America and the Caribbean, City of Toronto and One Earth.

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Hosted by:

  • Chúk Odenigbo

    Chúk Odenigbo

    Founding Director, Future Ancestors Services

  • Alice Irene Whittaker

    Alice Irene Whittaker

    Writer and Environmental Communications Leader, Smart Prosperity Institute and The Natural Step Canada

Circularity at Home

  • Lindsey Boyle

    Lindsey Boyle

    Strategist and Founder, Circular Citizen Consulting and Senior Associate, OneEarth

  • Leonard Iyamuremye

    Leonard Iyamuremye

    Global ambassador, Youth4nature

  • Emma Sairanen

    Emma Sairanen

    Youth Delegate for Climate and Biodiversity, Finnish Youth Council, Allianssi

Circular Economy in Communities

Smart Action Choices