Game Changer Session #6 - Global System Change: Catalyzing Forces for Circularity

This final Game Changer session highlights the global game changers needed to act on to drive the circular economy to achieve the global climate and SDG agendas.

This session brings together insights and actions from previous sessions and zooms in on enabling factors for transformation, from new models of consumption (demand) to the skilled workforce (supply) and finance/Technology (scale-up) needed for this. The global scope of the session will interest a wide range of circular economy players, including CEOs, decision-makers, NGOs, investors, and all other circular economy experts and learners.

Organizers: Circular Economy Leadership Canada and Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy, in collaboration with Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

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Armchair Dialogue

Panel Discussion

  • Tim Brooks

    Tim Brooks

    Vice President of Environmental Responsibility and the Sustainable Materials Center, LEGO Group

  • Massimiano Tellini

    Massimiano Tellini

    Director, Global Head Circular Economy Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center

  • Sharan Burrow

    Sharan Burrow

    General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation


  • Kate Daly

    Kate Daly

    Managing Director, Closed Loop Partners