Programme setup is ready

For the first time in North America, the fifth annual World Circular Economy Forum will be hosted online from Canada on 13-15 September 2021. Check out what to expect!

This news was published on on 29 June 2021

In mid-September, it will be time to gather for the fifth annual World Circular Economy Forum, WCEF2021. Hosted by the Government of Canada and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, this is the first time the forum will be based in North America and available online. All sessions are built in close collaboration with the partners, bringing together top global expertise.

Building on previous forums, WCEF2021 will focus on the system level changes, or “game changers”, needed to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Seizing the circular opportunity requires transformational change and collective efforts by businesses, policymakers, civil society and others.

Entering a new continent, the WCEF2021 seeks to gather new audiences, showcase new solutions and turn our eyes to the required actions for the next five years: what actions should be taken by 2026 to support the transition to a circular economy.

In April this year, WCEF+Climate composed the symphony to guide us how a circular economy can support in achieving our climate goals. With COP26 and COP15 coming up later this year, the WCEF2021 will also contribute to the coming negotiations by showing, how a circular economy can address both climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

Three types of sessions: Game Changer, Demonstration and Accelerator

Over two days, the participants of WCEF2021 will be able to attend six Game Changer Sessions that seek to increase understanding of the social dynamics of the circular economy, explore its potential in the extractive industry and underline how circularity provides a solution for addressing climate change and the loss of biodiversity. They will explore cross-cutting themes to answer a common question: “What transformational steps can we take in the next five years to catalyse the systemic changes required to scale up a global circular economy that is prosperous, inclusive and equitable?”

Four Demonstration Sessions will bring the themes of the Game Changer Sessions to life through inspiring examples of the circular economy “in action”. They will showcase proven, replicable and scalable solutions as well as new business and policy innovations.

The third day of the forum is filled with interesting Accelerator Sessions hosted by WCEF partner organisations. Stretching over 24 hours, these sessions will showcase the daily work needed to accelerate the circular transition around the globe. They will also build a bridge between the high-level game changers explored and the implementation of circular action agendas, highlighting how the circular economy really touches all aspects of business and society.

Check out the programme setup and stay tuned for more information on the sessions and speakers. And don’t forget to check out the information on Side Events, the new WCEF Studios and the Virtual Expo!

Registrations will open in early July.