Dr. Arab Hoballah

Executive Director, SEED, Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

Arab Hoballah is currently the Executive Director of SEED, a global partnership for action on sustainable development and green economy, founded in 2002 by UNEP, UNDP and IUCN, managed by adelphi. SEED aims at promoting Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development, focusing on providing adequate support to small and growing eco-inclusive enterprises. Arab has recently completed his responsibility as Team Leader of EU-SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility, 2017-2021, with the aim to induce and enable stakeholders in Asian Countries in developing and delivering policies and actions in support to transformative change for sustainable consumption and production/SCP. Previously, Arab served as UNEP Chief of Sustainable Consumption and Production and in senior positions for more than 30 years in support to sustainable development. World Citizen, Arab is specialized in systemic and prospective analysis. He holds a PhD in economic development and a Master in international relations.