Meet the WCEF2021 MCs!

We are thrilled to announce that Chúk Odenigbo and Kathryn Gretsinger will be taking the virtual stage as the Masters of Ceremony for WCEF2021!

As the facilitators of this global circular economy dialogue, Chúk and Kathryn will be our guides as we navigate the actions needed to accelerate the circular transition in the next 5 years.

Kathryn Gretsinger is an associate professor of teaching at the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism, Writing, and Media. She is a long-time public broadcaster at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, with a record of creating award-winning work at the local and national level. Through her journalism and teaching, Kathryn is committed to fostering dialogue about social justice, Indigenous relations, and mental health and wellness. As an expert shaper of conversations about journalism, Kathryn will bring valuable perspectives to WCEF2021 as we explore how to communicate circularity to a global audience.

As a proud Franco-Albertan, Chúk is passionate about the interactions between culture, health, and the environment. This passion drives Chúk’s award-winning engagement as an advocate for climate justice, deepening and diversifying Canadians’ connections with the outdoors, and improving human and environmental health. As Founding Director at the Indigenous and Black-owned professional services social enterprise Future Ancestors Services, Chúk moderated Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Nature Champions Summit in April 2019, and we are excited to have him back to host WCEF2021.

From Kathryn:
“When you think about it, a waste-based economy is ridiculous. Why produce things that can be used for a short while and discarded? A circular economy is a smart way to address everything from resource extraction to production methods to the way people use products. This conference will allow us to explore innovations in circular production and find out about how people around the world are changing to zero waste.”

From Chúk:
“The WCEF offers a forum for the whole world to discuss our planet and its well-being. Borders are political, but our impact on nature goes beyond our borders and it is important to create a space that recognizes that the world is one big ecosystem. I am looking forward to listening to and leading discussions about specific regions across time zones, in different languages. I am looking forward to seeing different manifestations of circularity around the world.”

And we cannot wait for you to meet Chúk and Kathryn!

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