Carlos Eduardo Correa Escaf

H.E. Carlos Eduardo Correa Escaf

Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia

His Excellency Carlos Eduardo Correa Escaf has served as the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development for Colombia since October 2020, prior to which he served briefly as Deputy Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation, and as Senior Presidential Advisor for the regions after that.

Previously, as Mayor of his hometown, Montería, he ranked the capital of Córdoba as a sustainable city, pushed forward solar energy projects, and advanced sustainable culture. He has been a special presidential consultant for the country’s regions, as well as a consultant on territorial development at many different colleges. For his sustainability work, he was nominated Best Mayor of the Country during the 2012-2015 term, and the Mayors’ Fund for London acknowledged him as one of The Top 10 Mayors of the World. He holds a Business degree from the EAFIT University in Medellín.