Circularity in Cities and Regions: Addressing Global Challenges through Innovative Place-Based Solutions

Featuring leading examples from around the world, this interactive session will explore the role of cities and regions in enabling the circular economy.

Participants will hear from global cities on their circular journey, learn about the innovative approach underway in the Netherlands where twelve provinces have mapped their circular strengths and opportunities, and gain an understanding of how to scale up placed-based approaches.

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Organized by: Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (a collaboration of the National Zero Waste Council, RECYC-QUÉBEC, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and the Recycling Council of Alberta) in collaboration with Circular Economy Leadership Canada, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Strong Northern Netherlands, OneEarth, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Programme on the Circular Economy in Cities and Regions

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